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What people say about our coach development program…

The “Real” Executive Coaching Training
“Deciding to go through the program was one of the best decisions I have made. This program teaches real coaching in its strictest sense when compared to the fanciful coaching programs I have attended.”

Ringo Morella
Certified Executive Coach
HR Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb/Mead Johnson

Rigid But Rewarding Road to Executive Coaching
“In more than 20 years of management consulting experience, I had no doubts that a part of my solutions set for clients is providing executive coaching. … the training rekindled my love for reading and made me realize that to be an effective coach, one must first open herself to coaching, understand the Coachee well and veer away from the consulting mindset as well as provide challenges to a Coachee and encourage creative thinking to stimulate problem solving skills and obtain focus. ”

Nerissa Mendoza
Sr. Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Philippines

Improve Your Career and Life All Together
“There was much to learn in every module. The wonderful thing was that each tool, technique or skill that I learned had relevance to many areas in my everyday life at home or at work. As I continue to learn the executive coaching skills, tools and techniques, I also continue to grow into a more effective executive and a better human being.”

Maria Althea Masangkay
Certified Executive Coach
VP, Hooven Philippines
Challenge Yourself to Succeed
“I must say that the program is one of the best development opportunities that I have had … the beauty of it is that in addition to the program, DOOR continues to guide us to ensure that the high standard of Executive Coaching are maintained.

Vivian Cheong
Certified Executive Coach
Associate HR Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb Philippines

Motivated Learning Through Sharing of Experience
“Leah is a very experienced Executive Coach having conducted executive coaching engagements in various countries. Her style motivates learning not only as a trainor but more so as an Executive Coach. Learning was enhanced by the numerous applications of principles and tools in executive coaching using role plays in different actual cases. Her sharing of her experience has help a great deal in my development as an Executive Coach.”

Rene Serapio
Certified Executive Coach
SVP Corporate HR, Siemens