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We provide executive coaching, performance coaching, organizational coaching, HR coaching and career coaching to top executives, board members, leadership team, rising leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Aster’ 5-step coaching process is rooted in the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, Behavioral Coaching and Systems Thinking.

  • Appreciative Inquiry. We deliberately focus on the  “positive change core” of an individual. Through designed questioning and openness to new potentials and possibilities, we recognize the best in people and the world around us.
  • Behavioral Coaching. We recognize our learners’ current issues but place our focus on the future state they want to achieve. By helping learners make necessary behavioral change, they continuously grow, perform better and become better leaders.
  • Systems Thinking. We understand issues by looking at interdependencies in systems and other component parts. This results to a more targeted and faster issue resolution.

We use a combination of subjective and objective question methodology. This method results to a more focused coaching dialogue and greater clarity of situations. It ultimately leads to better choices, decisions and actions.